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experientialWelcome to Aitken-Interactive

I am an experienced freelance UX designer and consultant offering highly creative solutions to complex digital problems.

It is only through user research and analysis that we are able to truly discover the problems our users face.

Rather than addressing the symptoms of the problem with with a short sighted solution, I aim to get to it's core, to find a solution that benefits everyone, from stakeholders, to users and content administrators. Using agile methodologies, I look for a deeper understanding of my clients needs, and provide a service which can make a difference,

I am a highly motivated, enthusiastic and passionate UX designer. I deliver great looking, collaborative designs, which have been proven to solve many of todays digital complexities. I offer empathy, compassion and vision when telling a digital story. I hope to expand on these talents with a company who share my vision for prioritising the user experience of a product, and who recognise the value of user centered design.

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